tiistai 2. elokuuta 2011


I said I gona show you what I bought but now both of our cameras are broken -_- So I'm not going to promise I'll take those pictures later cos I know I wont xD

Well.. I've been few days with my dad at home and my mum have been at some camping area with my sister's daughters. I've only cleaned up this day cos my mum is coming back today and we dont wanna make her mad with my dad :D

And hell yea x_x Me and Minna had interview yesterday to Äänekoski's local newspaper. We arrange J-Rock meeting so they wanted to write about it :D I've never been at interview like that.

Well now I'll continue with Pirates of the Caribbean dead man's chest♥

BYES xoxox

lauantai 30. heinäkuuta 2011

Brother and his wife ~

I'm staying this weekend at my bro's and his wife's home. Well its saturday and I'll go back to my home tomorrow. Aww I love my bro's son so much ♥ Joosu :) ! He is so so so so cute ♥!!! So big and sweet brown eyes *---*! Me want too~!

My time has been actually only watching what Joosu is doing when Joni (bro) and Suvi (his wife) are working.

Yesterday we watched Twilight New moon and today Paranormal Activity, Vampires suck and The Grudge. At the moment Suvi is watching The Grudge and I should go to watch it with her. Oh well here I am... writing my blog.... xD

I watched that stupid paranormal shit alone and I was cuddling some pig soft toy. Joosu was sleeping and when he woke up I didnt see some parts of that movie -_- So I have to watch it again later.

But now I go or Suvi feel herself lonely. BYEBYE xoxox

torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2011

Randoms again ^^

Thiz morning me and my mum went to Palokka. First we ate there something and then SHOPPPPPPPING! I used over 100€ there x__x'

I'll show you later what I bought cos I gotta go to sleep soon. Tomorrow I'll go to visit my bro. I'll be there whole weekend. ♥


One of my dearest friend Minna came to watch some movie here. We watched "Phat Girlz" and I can say it was awesome! :D Well cos of that sweet guy there♥ heheh.

And after movie Vili came :) It's always so freakin much fun with Vili and Minna that I could laugh my ass off ♥ haha.

We watched Friends and Simpsons etc. After that they had to leave so I went to talk with my dear mum♥ It's actually pretty sad when someones cant talk with their mums about everything cos I'm always having so great talks with my mum :D Sometimes lot of laugh and sometimes tears. Well of course we are not talking about everything but oh well :) My mum is awesome♥


Well now to pico~~ and waiting for tomorrow♥


sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011


I'm with my family at some camping area and yesterday here was such an annoying storm. About maybe a year ago here was terrible storm which took lot of trees and camps here. This place was like a forest and now here is no trees at all.

So yesterday here was very windy and it was raining. First we thought with my mum its going over soon but it started to thunder. It was so freakin windy and our canopy almost broke. Me and my mum tried to keep it down and some man came to help us.

First time in my life I saw such an awesome lightnings at Finland! I've seen beautiful lightnings at Thailand but never at Finland! So cooool♥!
There's some random pic of lightnings~

Well now~ byebyes xoxox ♥

perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011


muahaa. Finally I have time to write this blog~ heheh.
As you can imagine I've been really busy. This whole summer have been pretty nice heheh. Even I just realized I HATE MY HAIR!!! ;__;


Well, last post was about Confirmation school. I actually liked confirmation school pretty much. It's like normal school but there we dont study maths,chemistry etc. It's about God n Jesus etc. But best part of that school is playing games heheh ♥ and meeting new ppl. And I met such an awesome ppl there ♥

After school is confirmation. It was in church ofc. :D And then it was confirmation party at my home. My best friend came from Vantaa to my party ♥ hehe. My grandparents and uncles etc came. I got about 700€!!!

I guess someones dont have any idea what confirmation is so I'll tell it to you now :D lol. First we have to study about some religious things and then we have an exam of it. When we pass that exam we have confirmation. This all is cos after confirmation we can have church weddings and we can be godparents. I actually think its just one reason more to church to get money -__-" Confirmation school is free but Confirmation camp aint free.


After Confirmation I went to visit my dear cousin Mari♥ We were in Särkänniemi (Amusement park), watched The Hangover Part 2, met Mari's friends, were in moomin museum, shopping etc~ so much fun♥ I love u Mari♥!


Oh well now to other things. I was at countryside 2 weeks! ♥ It was really cool experience heh. It was like summer job :p I wanna go back♥! Cows are soooooo cute heh. First days I only watched and tried to learn something. After first days it went actually pretty well. Second week was lot of better of course.
I miss these guys and cows♥ heheh.

There you can see Yosefina ♥ or Yosefiina I dont know heheh.

Then to Powerpark~ its an amusement park in middle of nowhere hehe. One of my favourite places in the world♥ There's a pic of me and my friend Amdi. Excited girls lol xD♥ @COBRA
We were 3 days in powerpark ~ great times great times ♥

Well, 15.7. it was my bday~ f*cking 15 :D And DO U KNOW WHAT!!!!!! Tommi Kalenius called to me holy shit x__x' it was awesome♥! He said happy bday and sang one of his songs "Me ollaan" (=We are).

and 16.7. was my bro's and his wife's weddings ♥ awww :3 ! congrats ♥ :p


Cos I've been so busy I gotta say now HAPPY BDAY KANON♥ 5.7. lol.... :D pretty much too late.


Woaah.... now its ready x__x' almost whole summer.... hahah.

so BYEES xoxo !

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Confirmation school DAY 1

I woke up this morning 8AM -__-" My confirmation school started at 9AM and I was late lol. We got Bibles and we sang psalms. We had two breaks between few lessons and then we had meal break which was one hour.

One thing which make me thinking was when our teacher said "Everything except love is transient. Hate will disappear but love last forever." and I realized its true. I've hate few ppl in my life but after all they are still very important to me. For example my friend I've knew now 8 years. We have been argue many times and I've actually hate her many times but after all I've always loved her (as a friend lol). She have been mean to me and sometimes I wonder why I'm even her friend but its cos I still love her and she is important to me ♥ I can swear everyone have this kind of ppl in their lifes.

Thanks ~

and now its time to say byebyes xox ♥

sunnuntai 5. kesäkuuta 2011

Holiday yay~

Summer holiday started yesterday ♥ heheh (: FINALLY~
And my foots are burning x__x whole day I walked with high heel shoes. Well it doesnt matter to someones but it was my first time I walked with them fucking whole day so dont mind hehe. But I really love these shoes :p

I was awake 20 hours and I slept 10 hours :D njaah... I'm still tired...And I played Sly 2 again lol :D

Last night I went to some random party with my friends. Lol xd... Almost everyone were drunk there. When we (me and my friends) left we went to walk somewhere and we saw one guy laying on the ground. It was one guy from that party and it seems he was passed out. Well we woke him up and he went somewhere :D First he came with us back to his home but then he went somewhere lol.

Btw. I think that kind of party where everyone are drunk aint good thing. There have to be someone who take care of others. Well yesterday there was few ppl who werent drunk.

I planed I would clean up my room today cos I have confirmation school next week and then I have party here so my room should be clean :D Maybe I start today cleaning and I'll continue tomorrow after "school".

Btw... Could someone buy...
... this pillow to me? ♥ I would be happy happy girl!

But now byes xox !